ADI Arbitrary Waveform Generator Solution

Most engineers have used oscilloscopes and waveform generators in their work. The former are used to acquire signals, while the latter are used to generate signals. They are a pair of handy tools for engineers. Here we are introducing the complete solution for signal generators. In analog signal or analog and digital mixed-mode signal processing applications, arbitrary waveform generators (AWG) are very popular and versatile. For instance, AWG can generate stimulus signals that mimic certain sensors, such as in a car collision experiment, or generate high speed analog signals that test the functions of a certain chip. There are applications ranging from simple sine-wave generation, to somewhat more sophisticated AM/FM modulated signals, or even more sophisticated QAM modulated signals. ADI's arbitrary waveform generator solutions will be introduced below, emphasizing applications with bandwidth below 300 MHz. By applying ADI's advanced DAC technology, lower stray and noise label can be achieved. For signal modulation, a few nice high-speed amplifiers are recommended, as well as some high precision ADC's and DAC's applications for low-speed high precision. We have taken careful consideration on some circuits that are often overlooked, such as the design and chip selection of power circuits. We believe that through careful reading of this solution, customers' confusion on chip selection can be resolved, design difficulties can be anticipated and responses to them will be prepared a in an early stage. Customers in need are encouraged to contact ADI's technical support for more detailed information.

ADI offers:
  • Total solution introduction on signal chain and chips.
  • Key pain point analysis and solution.
  • Provide some circuits simulation files.

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